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 Healthy, Clean Relaxation

At the end of a long, tiring day, falling lazily into your comfy spot on the sofa takes priority. But not when stains, spots, dirt, dust, and other messes populate your cozy spot. Let the expert cleaning team at New Jersey Carpet give you a complete and professional sofa cleaning service so you can relax in cleanliness. 

Our service transforms your sofa to a clean haven, free of offensive odors and unpleasant messes. We give you a deep clean and a long lasting freshness. We help your sofa look and feel like new again. We provide quality service from start to finish and give you a free 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Complete Service for All Upholstery & Furniture 

At New Jersey Carpet, we offer a professional service perfect for all types  of upholstery and textiles as well as furniture styles. We individually clean leather, suede, micro fiber, cotton, silk, and wool, using specialized products and methods. We work with love seats, chaise lounges, and couches.

Our process features the best available equipment and cleaning products. Using professional grade vacuums, we extract the soil, dirt, and dust from the top layer and reach deep into the crevices, folds, and cracks to remove all hidden and trapped messes. 

We then apply our special line of cleaning products that effectively wash away all messes and break down even the toughest stains. They easily rinse out of your sofa without any chemical or sticky residues or odors. They leave you with a pure clean and a healthy freshness. 

So, when your sofa starts to suffer from an overpopulation of stains, dirt, dust, and other messes, call your local experts at New Jersey Carpet for a professional sofa cleaning service. 

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