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Leather Cleaning

Proper Care for Beautiful, Stylish Furniture

Leather furniture brings timeless beauty, durability and a touch of luxury to your home. At New Jersey Carpet, we maintain and renew your leather furniture with a professional leather cleaning service. 

As a delicate and natural fiber, leather needs proper care from trained professional when it comes to cleaning treatments. If left in the wrong hands, leather suffers from cracking, fading and discoloration.

Dangers to Leather

Leather furniture sees heavy traffic and exposure every day. This constant activity creates serious problems in your leather. 

Cracks and tears emerge as a result of excess embedded dirt and dust. Discoloration and fading occurs due to stains and spills. Dryness and flakes come from over exposure to sunlight and heat. 

Professional Cleaning Method with Green Products

We always start by inspecting the leather piece to understand and prepare for the level of cleaning needed.

We work very gently and precisely as we clean deeply into the fibers of your leather furniture. We use only certified green cleaning products that remove dirt and stains without causing harm to your furniture, family or the environment.

We apply protective, moisturizing conditioners, packed with natural essential oils, that create a beautiful sheen, soft and supple feel, and protective barrier against future damages and stains.

Let our team of trained, knowledgeable technicians perform the leather cleaning treatment you need at a price you can afford. Call New Jersey Carpet for your free quote today. 

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