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Mold Removal

 Dangerous Mold Needs Professional Removal 

New Jersey Carpet professionals provide you with a complete mold and mildew removal service. If you walk into a room and notice black fuzzy spots, dampness and an unpleasant odor on your carpet, area rug and upholstery, it's likely that you have mold and spores in your home. 

Remove the mold quickly and easily with the help of our professional technicians, industrial machinery, and effective cleaning products. We work to restore the cleanliness and safety of your home and deliver quality results with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Facts About Mold at Home

Mold in your home creates both structural and aesthetic damage, as well as poses serious risks to your health. Mold breaks down and eats through dry wall, wood, carpeting, upholstery fabric and area rugs. Mold also causes severe allergic and asthma reactions and leads to upper respiratory infections. 

Complete, Expert Mold Removal 

Our trained technicians start the mold removal process by examining the problem spots thoroughly. We work hard to identify and find all mold and spores currently present in your space. 

We then proceed by removing all existing and excess moisture in the mold affected area. We use industrial de-humidifiers and specialized carpet fans to dry the space completely.

We then use powerful machinery to extract the germ completely before performing a deep cleaning treatment to the entire affected area. Our green cleaning products feature natural, non-toxic ingredients that remove the spores and mold and, additionally, prevent them from growing back in the future. 

Trust our professionals at New Jersey Carpet to give you a complete mold removal service that leaves your house safe and clean. 

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