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Sleep Healthy on a Professionally Cleaned 

New Jersey Carpet offers you a full-service mattress cleaning treatment to keep your bed clean, cozy and fresh. Most people don't like to think about the mysteries sharing their bed. Micro-sized organisms like dust mites and bed bugs coupled with daily dirt and stains turn your bed into a dangerous and unhealthy place to sleep. Our highly-trained technicians professionally remove all dangers and messed and restore the health of your mattress with our professional mattress cleaning service. 

Your Bed: Potential Danger Zone 

Dust mites, found all over homes around the world, make comfortable homes deep in your mattress. They feed on the dead and sky skin that naturally flakes off of your body. They multiply at a fast, high rate and create serious health risks including asthma and allergies. 

Other bed mysteries include bed buds. Bed bugs live primarily in mattresses but can spread to frames and box springs. These little beasties attack at night and suck blood from your wrists, ankles and neck. No longer a concern of the past, bed bug infestations continue to pop up throughout New York and the Tri-State area. A recent study reported a 90% increase in bed bug infestations in private homes, college dorms and hotels and motels. So, if you think you're safe against bed bugs, think again. 

Healthy, Immediate Mattress Cleaning Solution 

At New Jersey Carpet we give you a complete and safe mattress cleaning service to remove any dangerous, mystery guests from your bed. Our trained technicians start by applying non-toxic, green products first to kill and remove all dust mites, bed bugs, dirt, stains and other allergens. These products rinse gently and easily out of your mattress and leave you with a completely healthy clean. 

We guarantee to remove and eliminate all stains, dirt, allergens after our special New Jersey mattress cleaning service. 

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