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When it comes to abuse and wear, the carpets in your space see the worst of the worst. Between kids, guests, and pets your carpets withstand a lot of wear and tear. Even vacuuming daily can't reach the deep down dirt that lives in trapped in the depths of your carpeting. 

Don't allow stains, odors and allergens to build up in your carpets and creating messes and potential damages. Let the experienced and trained team at New Jersey Carpet provide you with a complete and professional carpet cleaning service. 

Proven Process, Unbeatable Clean

At New Jersey Carpet, our technicians show up ready to work and treat your space with the care, attention, and respect it deserves. They come backed with years of technical and hands-on experience and deliver a quality clean that lasts. 

During the cleaning treatment, we follow a strict cleaning process that yields the best results. We start by vacuuming the entire area to remove soil on the surface and trapped deep in the fibers. We then apply our special line of non-toxic and bio-degradable green cleaning products to break down stains, clear away messes, and kill germs completely. 

Our green cleaning products feature all-natural ingredients that aggressively fight off all tough messes without harmful chemicals or unhealthy leftovers. They leave you with a pure and long-lasting clean and freshness.

Professional Service, Customer Care

Our service comes with more than just lasting professional results and a green clean, it also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At New Jersey Carpet, we work hard to keep you satisfied with every cleaning service we provide. 

 So, when your carpet starts to show a collection of stains, spots, dirt, and dust, call the expert team at New Jersey Carpet for a professional carpet cleaning treatment today. 

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